Albert Bello

Ever since he first picked up a guitar when he was 10, Albert Bello has never wavered in his passion for playing, studying and teaching the instrument. He graduated from the Jazz and Modern Music Department of Liceu Conservatory (Barcelona, Spain) and he has not stopped following courses in order to extend his knowledge, such as technical sound classes in the Microfusa School of Barcelona; film scoring with José Nieto; and sound-painting with Walter Thomson. He also participates in masterclasses by distinguished international artists such as Walter Malossetti, Robin Nolan, Bob Brozzman, David Clark, Andreas Öberg and Alphonso Johnson.

After a few years playing with bands with different music styles, in 2001 Albert Bello started his career in Manouche jazz by founding the “Les deux guitares Trío”. He has now become one of the most-representative figures – and one of the most-active promoters – of Manouche jazz in Spain, both on stage and at school.  In 2005, he created the Manouche Jazz Department of the Music School at L’Hospitalet (Barcelona), of which he is currently the Director. In 2008, he established the Association of Musicians and Fans of Manouche Jazz;  and since 2010 he has directed the Django L’H Jazz Festival, the leading Manouche jazz festival in Spain. He directs and manages many other cultural projects, including concerts and masterclasses in which the great figures of this musical style participate.

The highlight of his work as a performer is his work with the bands “Folkincats” and “Shine”. He has played with them in concert halls and festivals throughout Spain and in Brazil, Argentina, Denmark, Ireland, France and Portugal. With these bands and others, he has recorded more than 20 CDs.

His career in Manouche jazz gives him the opportunity to play with a lot of the leading musicians of the style, such as Tchavolo Schmitt, Sébastien Giniaux, Noé Reinhardt, Samy Daussat, Robin Nolan, Gwen Cahue, Fiona Monbet and Thomas Kretzschmar.